The 20 Awesomest Pieces of Street Art

Vandalism and beauty coexist in the form of street art, which turns our whole world into a gallery, whether we like it or not. Here are some of the coolest graffiti and street art installations from around the world.

Liesbet Bussche street art

Pictured here is part of the Urban Jewelry series in Amsterdam and other cities, by Liesbet Bussche. She incorporates a jewelry motif into everyday urban sights. You can check out more of it here.

Street Art New York

Nick Walker, Lower East Side of New York

Ukrainian street art

Ukrainian street artist Kislow

Kobra street artist

Street artist Kobra’s work in Chelsea, New York

Bumblebee street art

Street artist Bumblebee raises awareness of youth homelessness with his depictions of sleeping children throughout Los Angeles.

New York street art

“Hot off the Press” by Leon Reid in Chelsea, New York.

Leon Reid public art

One more from Leon Reid, because he’s just that awesome, “Tourist in Chief” in Union Square, New York. Check out his website here.

New York street art

Jim Avignon in Bushwick, New York.

London street art

“Cement Eclipses” by Isaac Cordal, London.

Australia street art

“Crate Men” by Cornelius Brown in Brisbane, Australia. See more from this installation here.

Italy street art

“Wet n Wild” by Slinkachu in Grottaglie, Italy. See more here.

Spain street art

“Nice Time for a Revolution” by Escif in Miajadas, Spain.

New York street art

“Stop Pop + Roll” by Aakash Nihalani in Brooklyn, New York.

German street art

Brad Downey in Hamburg, Germany.

Brazil street art

Blu in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

French street art

“Tapis Rouge!” or “Red Carpet!” is an almost 1400-foot long grass carpet stretched across Jaujac, France, installed by artist Gaëlle Villedary. Read more about it here.

India street art

Poch Rock in Bangalore, India.

Brazilian street art

Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn of Favela Painting turned 34 houses in Santa Marta into art. Locals “received an education as well as a paycheck” for helping this art project over the course of a month. Read more about the project here.

Invader street art

Street artist Invader brings the classic video game Space Invaders into everyday life using mosaic tile stickers. Pictured here is his work in Miami. Check out more examples of his art here.

Banksy Street Art

A collection of street art would not be complete without something from Banksy. This street art behemoth has inspired many street artists and you can check out more of his verified works at his website.

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