The 5 Best Clips of Justin Timberlake’s ‘SNL’ Appearance

Hosting Saturday Night Live is a great television milestone for any actor, but literally hundreds have done it. Hosting it five times, that’s on a whole other level. Justin Timberlake accomplished the feat Saturday night and became the youngest member of SNL’s exclusive hosts club.

Joining the ranks of Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks and a several other notables, JT knocked out some seriously strong comedy sketches during his latest apperacne, and brought back a few fan favs. Check out the five best sketches from his recent appearance.

Justin kicks off his opening monologue with a view inside his acceptance into SNL’s prestigious “Five-Timers Club.”

Wild and Crazy Guys and the guys from “Dick in a Box” in the same room? Ladies, you’re not ready for this.

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If anybody knows a thing or two about fine, yet affordable champagne, it’s porn stars.

It’s a Maine court room with a Cajun theme? Weird but it works, and anytime you can use a prop alligator is always a must.

Come down to Vegan-ville!

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