Thrill Seeking Psychos Whip Through Rio Skyline in Amazing Wingsuit Video

Norwegian stuntman Jokke Sommer and Frenchman Ludovic Woerth know a little something about living life on the edge. The two high-flying psychos took to the skies over Rio de Janeiro and soared right between two of the city’s skyscrapers.

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The video kicks off with some breathtaking footage of the two flying above the clouds before dropping down and whipping through a small gap between the Ventura Corporate Towers, 460 feet above the ground. Upon landing you can hear spectators cheering at the death-defying feat and oddly enough, Beck’s “Loser” in the background. Yeah, that part is a little weird, but whatever..

It’s a crazy stunt and illegal one at that with Sommer admitting they didn’t have permission but pulled it off at 5:45 AM, exactly 20 minutes before Rio’s the first commercial flight would hit the skies.

Well done, fellas. Now bring your high-flying stunts to another skyline!

Via ABC News

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