‘Arrested Development’ Unveils New Posters and Screen Shots

If you happen to live in a major metropolitan area (or even semi-metropolitan) and have left your house recently for any reason, then you may have noticed some Bluth family posters around town. The countdown is on for the new season of Arrested Development and Netflix is rolling into high publicity mode.

arrested development posters

arrested development posters

arrested development posters

The posters are already popping up in subways and billboards in NYC and Los Angeles, as well as on buses and cabs in other cities, too. Netflix is doing a fair job of keeping AD fans in suspense, refusing to release any kind of trailer or sneak peak of the dysfunction to come. They have however, realeased some hilarious stills of George Michael and Tony Hale.

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arrested development stills

arrested development stills

The new seasons is set to premier on Netflix only, May 26th and features a slew of comedy cameos including Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen, Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, John Slattery, Isla Fisher, Terry Crews, Ben Stiller, James Lipton, Carl Weathers, Jeff Garlin and Scott Baio. Yes, Scott Baio.

arrested development stills

Via ScreenCrush, Uproxx

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