Dancing With The Stars Results 4-30-13: Top 10 Highlights

Since Derek and Kellie were safe tonight, they decided to watch with us.

1. Michael Buble Performs His Latest Music.

Michael Buble, Andy Dick, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Stopping in to sing “Come Dance With Me” would definitely be considered a highlight. As the DWTS ladies danced in royal blue and the men sported classic bow ties, Buble made for smooth entertainment.

2. Mark And Ally Perform The Encore Dance.

Looks like Mark Ballas’ back is feeling better.

3. Rock Violinist Lindsey Stirling Performs.

Macy’s Stars of Dance take the floor with Allison Holker and Twitch Boss from SYTYCD as Stirling plays the violin.

4. Boston Victim Adrianne Haslet.

Adrianne Haslet, though she lost her foot in the tragic bombing, vows to dance again! DWTS follows her journey and will help her in creating a special dance routine for her as she recovers. One day she will perform the routine on th DWTS floor… When that will be, we do not know.

5. Blonde Afros Dominate DWTS.

6. Derek Hough And Kellie Pickler Relished In Their Immunity.

Kellie Pickler, Derek Hough, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Even though Ally and Mark were in the lead with 32, Derek and Kelli took it overall.

7. Announcing Amanda Knox’s Interview With Diane Sawyer.

For the first time since getting out of prison, Knox will be answering Sawyer’s questions. Not sure what it has to do with the show, but host Tom had to announce it… since it’s right after the show. Should we give highlights from this too?

8. Camden Sophisticated Sisters Take On The AT&T Spotlight Performance.

A drill team called the Camden Sophisticated Sisters makes its DWTS debut. Bringing inspiration for children looking to better themselves and have some fun. This group has to practice in the town’s water tower with no mirrors to see their own movements, so DWTS decided to provide them with mirrors to help them in all future performances…

9. Who Was In Jeopardy Tonight?

DWTS, DWTS Elimination, Results, Dancing With The Stars, AndyDick


Karina & Jacoby, Kym & Ingo, and Andy & Sharna made up the bottom three. Ingo and Andy shared the bottom two.

10. Andy Makes A Tearful Departure.

Through tears, kisses, and hugs, Andy says goodbye. He will, without a doubt, be missed by all.