Dancing With The Stars: 4/29/13 Live Blog

DWTS, Kym Johnson, Ingo Rademacher, Gleb Savchenko

Hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:01pm

Shake it Karina. 8:02pm

Loving Karina…. Did you see the article we just did on her here? http://heavy.com/entertainment/2013/04/dwts-karina-smirnoff-top-10/ 8:04pm

Holy crap…. 4 dances to prepare this week?! 8:05pm

Love this song! Oh yeah, Jacoby! 8:06pm

Did anyone else just gasp out-loud? 8:07pm

Watch out for Momma! “I’m watchin’ you, baby.” 8:08pm

Haha love the Iron Man reference 8:09pm

“You could fart the salsa…. You had the right flava fart.” Really, Carrie Ann? 8:10pm

9 Bust a Rhyme! 8:11pm

Ingo’s on fire, huh? What do you think? 8:18pm

Rumba time… Heavy.com’s Kym is looking red and sexy. 8:19pm

More Kym here: http://heavy.com/entertainment/2013/04/dwts-kym-johnson-top-10/ 8:20pm

Vote for Ingo:

Aw, staccato? Bruno…. your blue suit is making your judgments blue… 8:21pm

Booing lessons. I like that. For once, Len is getting cheers while the other two aren’t. 8:22pm

Uh oh, Bruno. Don’t lose your paddle or you’ll have nothing to play with at the #DWTS after-party. 8:24pm

Yay! My Fave!


Damn…. 8:31pm

Thank you for not even wearing a shirt at all tonight, Derek. 8:32pm

I’m going to need a moment alone. 8:34pm

No! Why are you putting your shirt on?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 8:36pm

Who cares about the scores? Derek put his shirt back on. The real show is over. 8:37pm

Yes, we already know our beloved Andy can be a little fruity. 8:37pm

But I thought Bruno was the Adrenaline Capital of the world. 8:42pm

Step on that cockroach!!!!!!! 8:43pm

Is that Sharna and Andy?
Sharna Burgess, DWTS

That’s a lot of leg. 8:45pm

Shame on you, Bruno. Gene Kelly shakes their wrist?! Boo! Love you, Andy. 8:47pm


Just thought this was funny…


Uh oh, an injured Mark…. Dancing With Henry. 8:57pm

Love all the bouncing on the knees… reminds me of college. 8:58pm


Wait, Carrie Ann likes something tonight! 9:00pm

Yowza… 29 out of 30… tied with Kellie! 9:01pm

Can you do it, Chiquita Banana? 9:03pm

Will Catherine’s appearance help with votes? 9:04pm

That was a little scary there for a second. 9:09pm

50 Shades of Sean lol. 9:11pm

Happy Birthday, Catherine. 9:12pm

All 8’s aren’t too shabby. 9:13pm

I never thought I’d like a lace shirt on a man… and not sure I do now. 9:22pm

Love you, Vally, baby. 9:22pm


First time Zendaya doesn’t get stellar reviews… 9:24pm

Look! Sexy Gleb is still here…


Taking back what I said about Val’s shirt… I like that it’s open. 9:26pm

Derek and Kellie are immune!!!!!!! 9:26pm

These dance-off rules are going over my head right now… 9:31pm



Who thinks our Andy’s at a little disadvantage here? 9:39pm

Duh. 9:41pm

Can someone explain to me why Zendaya gets to wear sneakers with her flapper dress right now? 9:47pm

Zendaya…. shocking. 9:50pm

Who out-hunked the other? 9:57pm

Ingo and Kym take it….but not fully across the board. 9:59pm

Until tomorrow! 9:59pm

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