Dancing With The Stars: 4/8/13 Live Blog

DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Is everyone ready for tonight? Lisa Vanderpump fainted during today’s rehearsals. Will she be able to Cha Cha with hottie partner Gleb Savchenko? 8:00pm

Lisa, Oh no, Where are you? 8:02pm

Judges say she’ll decide if she’s going to make an appearance on the floor as Gleb struts down the steps solo. 8:03pm

Team Murgalo up first. Aw, Sean’s getting sappy, dedicating his performance to his parents’ love for each other as well as fiance Catherine. 8:05pm

Will the Viennese Waltz with a sexy Petra make up for all his time away from fiance Catherine? Let’s see if Catherine thinks so…. 8:07pm

Catherine’s teary-eyed…. is it because of his sweet dedication or Sean’s arms around Petra..? I’m thinking it’s love. 8:08pm

Uh oh, Sean. This is a no-lifting zone. Will you score well? 8:10pm

Score of 20…. Yeah, lay off the lifts. 8:10pm

I love how Lisa Vanderpump is graceful even when she faints. 8:13pm

Game on! 8:15pm

It’s Victor Ortiz combining boxing and dancing… Hopefully this is less bloody. 8:18pm

If I were Victor, I’d have a hard time concentrating with such a sexy dance partner. She’s like a sexy vampire. 8:20pm

I want to hang out with Bruno for a day and have him re-enact his YMCA dance please. 8:21pm

Hmmmmmmmm…. Sean Lowe scores only a 20. Victor Ortiz only an 18. What’s goin’ on tonight, guys? Is it the judges or the dancers? 8:25pm

I heart Karina Smirnoff in every way, shape, and form. 8:28pm

Fox trot, Junior. 8:29pm

Not feelin’ the song, but Jacoby’s doin’ pretty good. 8:30pm

Crap. The song’s actually pretty cute. 8:31pm

Did Bruno just do an “air spank”? Yes, sir. 8:34pm

Finally. A 24 for Jacoby and Karina. 8:35pm

Whoa, Split. 8:40pm

Hmmm…. Mark won’t let Miss Alexandra have a boyfriend he says… Speculation Enter Now. 8:42pm

I love when they turn a club song (Titanium) into elevator music. Feel the beat. 8:43pm

I wonder if Bruno will stay seated during any of his scorings tonight. So far no. 8:44pm

Tomorrow Derek Hough performs with blind dancer! Wow! Amazing! 8:46pm

Holy High Score, Batman! 9’s across the board for Alexandra and Mark. Now we’re talkin. 8:47pm

Can’t wait for Andy Dick. Bring on the dick!… Get your mind out of the gutter. You’re just mad because Sean Lowe’s abs didn’t make an appearance tonight. 8:50pm

Yes, thank you. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Andy! Dedicated to his daughter. I didn’t know he was a daddy. 8:51pm

Andy’s shirt says #TeamDick… I have a feeling many women were on this team before he was even born. ;) 8:53pm

Not bad, Andy! Graceful tonight. And your daughter’s beautiful. 8:55p

Judge Carrie Ann I think is touched so much because she recently lost her father. XOXo 8:56pm

Andy beat Sean. Yowza. 9:01pm

Will Zendaya climb back to the top of the board? Samba Style. 9:02pm

Hi, Val. Touch me. 9:04pm

Zendaya Spinnin’ Like a Sexy Top 9:05pm

Zendaya = Baby Beyonce according to Carrie Ann. 9:06pm

JLo and Brad Paisley tomorrow on DWTS… Just sayin’… 9:07pm

26 out of 30. Not too shabby. 9:08pm

Aw, Soapie Ingo dedicates his dance to his wife… A Thousand Years… Let the tears begin. 9:10pm

Wait, were those all Ingo’s chickens? 9:11pm

I thought I’d be crying, but I’m giggling a little. 9:16pm

Don’t hold a grudge for the judge.. 9:18pm

Carrie Ann likes Ingo’s core. 9:19pm

Just so you know, Kym and Brooke match. 9:20pm

Nothing says Compton like the Fox Trot. -DL Hughley 9:27pm

Revenge of DL in full effect…. Dry humping the judges’ bar. 9:28pm

DL scores big…. The underdogs are taking over tonight, huh? 9:32pm

Mmmmmmmm Derek’s Dancing Soon… 9:33pm

Kellie’s got the hottest little figure on the planet. 9:39pm

Aw, hubby singing as Kellie dances. 9:41pm

Seriously, Kellie’s body… ahhhhhhhhh. 9:44pm

Sean Lowe’s lookin’ a little wrestless in the background. 9:45pm

Dance for me, Lisa! Dance! 9:47pm

GIGGY!!!!!!!!!! 9:50pm

Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Vanderpump Faints, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Loving Lisa’s sexy outfit despite some fumbly movements…. Hi, Gleb. 9:55pm

The Vanderpump Rump is back in business. 9:56pm

Point off for lifts… Bah! 9:56pm

All the boys keep kissing and touching Lisa. Maybe I should try this fainting thing… 9:59pm

Nightie Night. Tune in tomorrow at 9pm for more Live Blogging with DWTS! 10:00pm

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