Dancing With The Stars Results: 4/23/13 Live Blog

DWTS, Dancing With The Stars


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Troublemaker, baby! Love this song! 9:01pm

Lovin’ the Penguin Suits on the girl dancers. 9:04pm

I wonder if Derek Hough’s moustache will make another appearance tonight… I know he wants it to.


BFF Teams Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are safe. 9:07pm

Andy’s wig on karaoke is the ultimate highlight tonight. 9:14pm

Team Shirtless in Full Effect. 9:16pm

Loving the gold and black. 9:17pm

Better than Andy and better as a stripper… hmmmm. 9:18pm

Pants off Dance Off 9:18pm

Uh Oh…. From The Bachelor to Jeopardy. 9:19pm

Loving the Boston Tribute. 9:24pm

I want to see what kind of faces they’re making at Kellie. 9:26pm

RedRum… RedRum… 9:26pm

Holy crap. If I had to move that much stuff, I’d quit lol. 9:28pm

Props to the crew… and not the kind that’s on wheels or that they have to move. 9:29pm

I feel like Will.i.Am is givin’ us a little Chris Brown right now. Is it just me? 9:30pm

Aw, Victor. 9:37pm

Aw, Peanut has more fans than Daddy Ingo. 9:38pm

Peanut, I’ll see ya at the after-party! 9:39pm

Macy’s is all about DWTS this season huh. 9:41pm

Nice. Likin’ it. Love the formations. 9:41pm

Feathers!!!!!!!!! Obsessing over these outfits right now. 9:47pm

Come on, my ‘ol lover. 9:50pm

Andy, I love you. 9:51pm

Yay for Andy ridin’ that bottom wave to the top! 9:57pm

Aw, bye bye Victor…. Standing ovation. 9:59pm

Later, DWTS Lovers!