5 Days Until ‘Mad Men’ = 5 ‘Mad Men’ Parodies That Even Roger Sterling Would Love


Look out mad men and mad women, your favorite misogynistic, alcoholic, cancerific drama is back on television in five days. So to to celebrate, we thought we’d bring you the top five Mad Men parodies on YouTube. Watch below, and be sure to share with your other Mad friends!

5. Mad Fan

Mad FanA Don Draper wanna-be brings his obsession into the workplace. Presented by Intergalaxy Inc. and Lane Street Pictures Produced by James L. Perry Written and Directed by Carrick Bartle Director of Photography: Chris Wedding Starring: Lance Lee Davis and Katherine DuBois Sound Mix/Boom Operator: Kevin Faber Sound Design: David McKeever Opening Title Design: John Bartle…2010-10-18T03:11:26.000Z

4. Mad Women

Mad WomenA parody of Emmy Award-winning series Mad Men.2009-08-10T00:24:08.000Z

3. Mad Men in 60 Seconds

Mad Men in 60 SecondsThe celebrated series is broken down to one minute. Featuring Rob Lathan, Nate Smith, Nicole Shabtai, Rachel Bloom, Jen Bartels, Brian Faas, Ben Remeaka and Jason Kalter. Director of Photography: Noah Yuan-Vogel; Art Director: Elaine Haswell; Production Coordinator on set: Andrew Ford; Director: Paul Briganti; Written by Landline.2009-09-07T18:19:51.000Z

2. Sexist Mad Men Spoof

VideoVideo related to 5 days until ‘mad men’ = 5 ‘mad men’ parodies that even roger sterling would love2013-04-04T13:24:47-04:00

1. The Walking Dead Meets Mad Men

Walking Dead Mad Men!Zombies have taken over the ad agency! Written by Todd Womack, Mark Douglas, and Bryan Olsen. Directed by Tom Small. See hilarious outtakes! youtube.com/watch?v=xa6kZkdZKno And more Herschel vs. Rick here: youtube.com/watch?v=3kILscSafco Check out our second Channel! bit.ly/xtPqZI Subscribe to Awesome! bit.ly/y2zUpn Please Like, Favorite, and Subscribe! youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=barelypolitical The Key of Awesome Website! thekeyofawesome.com KOA Facebook!…2012-04-04T14:30:13.000Z

Mad Men season six debuts with a two-hour premier on AMC on Sunday, April 7, at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST.

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