‘Mad Men’ Writers Pitch TV Show ‘Cocoa Beach’ About 1960′s NASA

Bye bye Manhattan. Hello Cocoa Beach.

The 1960s space race was an exciting time for America and viewers could be getting a flashback with a potential new television show from the minds behind Mad Men. Florida Today has reported that the writers of Mad Men are working on a new series tentatively titled Cocoa Beach, and it might hit televisions as early as this fall.

cocoa-beach-tv-show, mad men

Umm, didn’t I Dream of Jeannie already do that like 50 years ago? Kidding. A magical genie who happens to be married to a goofy astronaut is hardly the same as some boozed up rocket scientists womanizers.

If the show does come to fruition it wouldn’t be the first time a television show around the space race has been centered in Cocoa Beach. Remember The Cape? No? That’s probably because it only made it one season from 1996-97 and starred Corbin Bernsen (nothing against Corbin).

Hopefully, Cocoa Beach finds more success with Hollywood this time around. They’ve certainly got a stellar team batting form them with Mad Men involved and Cocoa Beach Mayor Dave Netterstorm seems optimistic.

Hopefully, it happens. It would be super-cool. We’re trying to positively develop our brand and our image. We want to let people know we’re a cool place to visit and a cool place to live.”

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