MTV Announces Pilot for ‘Scream’ TV Series

Scream MTV Series, Scream TV Series

It’s official: Scream is coming to the small screen!

MTV announced that it is teaming up with Dimension Films and greenlighting a pilot based on the successful 1996 horror-comedy that produced three sequels, reports Entertainment Weekly. While a writer has not been chosen yet, there are reports that the original director of the franchise, Wes Craven, may be directing the one-hour television show.

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Just in case you were unfortunate enough not to grow up in the 90s, Scream follows a group of teenagers who get killed off by one by one by a killer known as Ghostface. The slasher film satirized the cliché of the horror genre popularized in films such as Halloween and Friday the 13th.

Should the pilot be successful, the series will debut summer 2014. The show would join MTV’s other successful scripted series, Teen Wolf and Awkward. MTV also announced a third season of the Jersey Shore spinoff, Snooki & JWOW, and the addition of three new shows: Generation Cryo, Nurse Nation and The Hook Up.

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