Patton Oswalt’s ‘Star Wars’ Filibuster is Epic 8-Minute Nerd Rant

Patton Oswalt is a man who knows his Star Wars. The comic will be guest starring in Parks and Recreation this Thursday (two new back-to-back episodes) and unleashed his nerd fury in an epic 8-minute-long Pawnee town hall rant.

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I’d be surprised if the suits at NBC let the producers keep the entire nerd rant in, but thankfully the producers of the show let Patton loose and uploaded the clip to YouTube. Whether or not J.J. Abrams Disney-fied new version of Star Wars is good or not only time will tell. In the meantime, he might want to hit Patton up for some brainstorming on story ideas. Robotic Spider-Chewy? Hells yeah!

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