‘Ray Donovan’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Ray Donovan

In Showtime’s new summer series, Ray Donovan, Liev Schreiber plays a professional fixer for the rich and famous who can make any problem disappear, except for those created by his family. Here are some quick facts you need to know about the new drama series before it airs on June 30th following Dexter.

1. Liev Schreiber Plays the Title Character

Liev Schreiber

Actor Liev Schreiber, known for films like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Salt, plays a professional fixer in LA whose expertise in making problems disappear becomes a challenge after his father gets released from prison. This marks the actor’s first regular TV gig after doing guest spots on shows like CSI.

2. Jon Voight Plays His Father

Jon Voigt in Ray Donovan

Actor Jon Voight plays Ray’s ex-con father, Mickey, who gets sprung out of prison and goes after him for putting him in jail. The actor has been known for playing a diversity of roles from films like Mission: Impossible to National Treasure: Book of Secrets. He has also done TV roles in drama series like the espionage show 24 and the short-lived Lone Star.


3. Rosanna Arquette Appears as a Guest

Rosanna Arquette

Actress Rosanna Arquette will have a recurring role in the Showtime series playing Linda, a former starlet-turned screenwriter who befriend’s Ray’s father, Mickey. By the look of the relationship between Ray and Mickey, we can expect Linda to butt heads with our titular anti-hero when Mickey gets out of prison. This gig marks Rosanna’s latest guest role following turns on Royal Pains, Private Practice, and Girls.

4. James Woods Gets His Second TV Role

James Woods in Ray Donovan

Actor James Woods will have a recurring role in Ray Donovan playing Patrick “Sully” Sullivan of South Boston, who has some ties to the Donovan family. This marks the actor’s second TV gig since he starred in his series regular role as Sebastian Stark in CBS’s legal drama Shark.

5. A House Alum Joins the Cast

Peter Jacobson

Peter Jacobson, known for his role as Dr. Chris Taub in House, has a role on Ray Donovan, one of his first TV roles since the FOX medical drama ended its run. Peter will be playing Lee Drexler, who is described as a foul-mouthed wheeler-dealer who relies on Ray when his clients get into trouble.

6. The Show was Created by Ann Biderman

Winter TCA Tour

Ray Donovan was created by film and television writer Ann Biderman, known for directing episodes of NYPD Blue and Southland, which he created and produced. The pilot episode will be directed Allen Coulter, known for directing films like Hollywoodland and Remember Me.

7. Executive Producer Bryan Zuriff was Arrested for Running a Gambling Operation

Bryan Zuriff

One of the executive producers of the show, Bryan Zuriff, was charged for running a gambling ring that allegedly laundered more than $100 million. According to Deadline, Bryan was among the 34 people accused of laundering money for the Russian mob. The executive producer denied being involved in the illegal gambling operation, despite being a high-stakes gambler himself. The FBI notes that if he is found guilty, then Bryan would face up to 10 years in prison.

8. The Season Will Run for 12 Episodes

The first season of Ray Donovan will run for 12 episodes starting June 30th at 10PM.

9. Ray Donovan Will Air Alongside with Dexter

Dexter_Ray Donovan

The highly anticipated drama series will share screen time with Showtime’s hit show Dexter as both of the shows will premiere on the same night.

10. See the Trailer

For a quick look at what the expect in this high stakes show, check out the trailer for Ray Donovan and let us know if you will be tuning in.

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