‘The Hangover Part III’ Trailer Reveals the Wolfpack’s Final Adventure

The grand finale of the booze soaked trilogy is on its way. The Hangover Part III has been relatively evasive about its overall plot thus far, but with the new trailer we’re getting the curtain pulled back on the new adventure. A new trailer reveals the true cause for another bout of alcohol induced amnesia. Alan goes off the deep-end after the death of his father and the rest of the Wolfpack sets out to take him to rehab.

Naturally, this trip to rehab goes off the rails, as the group is ambushed by a group of criminals (led by John Goodman) and forced to track down the infamous Leslie Chow (Ken Jeong).

The new adventure looks slightly less redundant than the second installment, but still fun, over the top, and exactly what we would expect from the Wolfpack.

the hangover 3-ken-jeong