Whoopi Goldberg: Men Who Like Hairless Vaginas Are Basically Pedophiles

It’s another controversial moment for Whoopi Goldberg’s scrapbook as she told the viewers of ABC’s The View today that a hairless vagina makes a grown woman “look like what a little girl looks like.”

Translation: Guys who like a fully bare bikini area are basically closeted pedophiles.

Whoopi is infamous for saying stupid sh*t, but does she have a point this time? Let us know in the comments below.

It’s another misstep for Whoopi, but where does she draw the line? Posters on The View’s official forum are curious, tooahnippah writes:

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Does that mean that women should not shave their legs or armpits as well since little girls have no hair there either? Or that women who like men with clean shaven faces or chests are pedophiles because that is how little boys look? How dare she associate something that is a personal choice and as innocent as that to something that is a horrendous act? She needs to go, this along with her obvious racism is really wearing thin on a lot of viewers.

Last year, Whoopi attracted controversy for standing with controversial fast food chicken chain Chick Fil-A’s hardline christian stance:

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In 2007, on Whoopi’s first day on The View, she defended dog-fighting kingpin Michael Vick saying:

You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from. There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country… This is part of his cultural upbringing

Then in 2009 she followed up that zinger by saying that Roman Polanski had not committed “rape-rape.”