27 Photos that Will Make You Want to Stay Inside Forever

The web is filled with horrifying and disconcerting images. On the one hand, these images can make us deeply uncomfortable, but the nice part about them is that after the initial shock, you realize “hey, I’m just sitting at home. I am going to be just fine.” So, plunge into this set of very real nightmares, and then be happy that hey, you’re not around any of this nonsense.

Ahh, who are we kidding, you should be terrified!

Birds = Not scary. Thousands of Birds = Terrifying.

Snake eating a bat. You’re next.
snake eating a bat

Welp, I’m never flying again.
engine pieces fell off

Looks like a mild rain’s a’coming.
Nasty Storm

Looks delicious.
Just some radioactive sludge

That’s not hail, that’s an attack.
Hail In Mississippi

Oh, just your average street trash.
hypodermic needles

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Not photoshop. A medical condition commonly known as “giant furred moles.”
Giant furred moles

Welp, I’m never driving again.
lion on hood of car

Did not know it was possible for sheep to be this creepy.
creepy sheep

Again, not flying ever again.
airplane ceiling pop

Scratch that, I am just never going outside again. Ever.
spiders in trees

This guy parks on my block.
This car parks on my block

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I would never kayak anyway. That’s too small of a boat.
shark by kayak

Rock on top of car

Guys, get away from that. Guys. You will die. Guys? HELLO?!
People by waterfall

Supposedly these are old-time halloween costumes. Horrifying.
Old time halloween costumes

He’s got a problem.

This is why you don’t drive during a blizzard.
driving during blizzard

Is that seaweed or the depths of hell?
is that seaweed

Just plain creepy.
Avoid the rabbits

nearly naked man tries to eat dog

This is in Japan, and I’m not surprised.

driving in tokyo

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Weird how a bear without fur is 10x scarier than one with fur.
a bear with no fur

I can hold it.

Horrifying creature.
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.20.01 PM

The inside of a Tickle Me Elmo.
inside a tickle me elmo

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