Amanda Bynes Breaking News: Police Raid and Officer Stationed at Building

Amanda Bynes, Amanda Bynes Arrest

The action never stops at the Bynes residence. Just this afternoon, police arrived at the Biltmore luxury apartments in NYC to search the star’s sub-roof since they seemed to have forgotten to do that upon their first visit.

With Heavy on the scene, a policeman stood guard as officers investigated Bynes’ apartment for about 15 minutes, though it is undisclosed as to what they found or didn’t find as of yet.

Amanda Bynes

The officer remained on-guard long after the rest of the police left. He wouldn’t admit he was there for Amanda, but he made it clear to us that guarding the Biltmore isn’t part of his normal day.

The not-so-pleased star tweeted that TMZ uploaded a photo of shattered glass that is said to be remnants of the bong she allegedly threw out her window at the time of her arrest.

Clearly, Bynes believes TMZ’s story to be false. She claims there is no evidence of drugs nor sexual harrassment.

Apparently, the police aren’t the only people Bynes has been feuding with today. Courtney Love seems to also be stirring the pot via Twitter.

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In response, Bynes also took to Twitter in order to defend herself against Love’s comment.

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