The Bachelorette Premiere 5/27/13: Live Blog

The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock


The Live Blogging Continues! DWTS has ended and The Bachelorette is here! Let the craziness begin!

So Are We!

There she is…. Lady in Red! 8:02pm

Crying already? Oh, yea… forgot what I was watching. 8:04pm

Uh oh, Desiree wore red when she first appeared on The Bachelor too… That didn’t turn out too well though… 8:05pm

Season 9 in Malibu. 8:07pm

Pulls up in a Honda and pulls out in a Bentley. Damn, ABC! 8:08pm

Cinderella didn’t get a Bentley… 8:14pm

Nothin’s better than a loose chick… let it go, Desiree. ;) 8:16pm

There will be drama, conflict, and heartbreak?! I thought this was The Bachelorette?! Now I’m confused. 8:24pm

Let’s hear it for the boys… 8:25pm

But how do you make a magician disappear? 8:27pm

They should rename The Bachelorette as The Abs Show. 8:28pm

And the first limo is here~ 8:37pm

A woohoo for Drew. 8:37pm

Brooks has that whole Skeet Ulrich thing goin’ on. 8:38pm

What if she lost the wishbone? 8:38pm

Digging in the fountain… kind of awkward in my opinion. Roseless future is what I’m thinking. 8:40pm

Ah, self-promotion. 8:41pm

What an idiot… Fantasy Suite. 8:43pm

Abs again. Shocking. 8:43pm

Larry’s kind of got a sexy forbidden professor thing goin’ on… until the snag. 8:45pm

Knight in shining armor? 8:47pm

Phew! Thank you for not proposing. 8:53pm

Ryan Gosling alert with Robert. 8:54pm

Juan Pablo….. your accent… yum. 8:56pm

Motorcycle entrance. Scared to see where this is going. 8:56pm

OMG, this suit. 8:58pm

The kid’s a nice touch. 8:59pm

A lot of people on Twitter are telling that guy Zak to put his shirt on. I’d like to take this moment to tell all of those people to be quiet. 9:05pm

Magician slash cornball. 9:06pm

Love Ben… Yadda Yadda Yadda. 9:11pm

Dying over Desiree’s dress…. 9:11pm

Loving that Ben gets the first rose. 9:12pm

And the rose goes to…. Brody. 9:17pm

Hmmm… cold water + pantsless seems to pay off. 9:20pm

Will Desiree let the Vet go on Memorial Day? 9:21pm

Juan Pablo… Dream of a man is right. 9:23pm

It’s gettin’ hot in here…. I smell a 4th rose. 9:28pm

Well this is a first… an impromptu soccer game breaks out on The Bachelorette. 9:24pm

Don’t dwell, Larry. 9:30pm

Aw, awkward Larry… I think you’re going home. 9:31pm

Didn’t he get the hint on the fantasy suite? 9:32pm

I’m embarrassed for this guy. 9:33pm

Whose the biggest creeper on the planet? Jonathan? 9:35pm

Oh no… It’s like Jaws Returns. 9:35pm

Peace out to the sexual predator. 9:36pm

And, to the social media guy… “hashtag annoying” 9:37pm


Who will be sent home???????? 9:45pm

Larry, Larry…. Lonely Larry. 9:46pm

Bye bye, magician! Desiree, please make him disappear. 9:47pm

Ta ta to Larry the clumsy dipper. 9:49pm

Practice doesn’t make perfect. It just makes you tired. 9:49pm

Adios Nick R. 9:50pm

What kind of girl says good-bye to her knight in shining armor…. This chick. Ciao, Diogo. 9:51pm

Season highlights are coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so is’s Top 10 Highlights from tonight’s episode.

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