Betsey Johnson Celebrates New Reality Show And Splits: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson’s reality show XOX Betsey Johnson is a hit so far on the Style Network. Partnering with her daughter, Betsey gives viewers an inside look at the goings-on with not only her, but her new boss Steve Madden, her delightful craziness, and her designing daughter Lulu. Have a look at some of the background surrounding the show, some inside info on Betsey herself, and XOX Betsey Johnson.

1. Steve Madden is the Boss

Betsey Johnson, Lulu Johnson, Steve Madden

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When Betsey Johnson went bankrupt and had to close the doors to all her stores, she was heartbroken until designer friend Steve Madden stepped in as her knight in shining armor. The show gives us all the background information on Madden’s rescue of the Betsey Johnson brand. He may be the boss, but he named the icon as the creative director of her brand, giving her as much creative freedom as she wants. Steve Madden, we all salute you.

2. Betsey’s Been Promoting Like Crazy

Betsey held an event at the famous Macy’s of Herald Square with hundreds of fans there to celebrate. Using photo ops and free tote bags as a major draw, Betsey offered great entertainment with raffle opportunities for items from her new patriotic shoe and dress line for the summer. Celebrity blogger and TV personality Micah Jesse hosted the event in a bright floral suit as celebrity DJ Kalkutta rocked the fifth floor of Macy’s in NYC.

Making her entrance surrounded by body guards and throwing rose pedals in the air, the little rockstar definitely wowed the crowd, as did her vibrant and energetic models.

Betsey Johnson is always known to have the most fun and spunky models.

Betsey Johnson, Macy's

The two from this event were no different as they spun around, waving American flags in the air, danced to the music, and posed for paparazzi shots.

Betsey Johnson

Another thing the legendary Betsey is known for is her splits. That’s right. At the end of every runway show or whenever the mood strikes her, the 70 year-old busts out her splits.

Betsey Johnson's A F*cking Ham2013-05-28T04:25:58.000Z

We caught the fantastic moment on video as Betsey shouted out,

“I’m such a f-cking ham!” and laughed.

Betsey, we salute you and your fabulous apparel line with Macy’s.

betsey johnson

betsey johnson

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3. Lulu and Allison is a Underway

Betsey Johnson, Lulu Johnson

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On the show, we get an inside look at Betsey’s daughter’s latest project called Lulu and Allison. Designing apparently runs in the family. Alongside her best friend Allison McClellen, Lulu shows us some fab designs that leave us wanting more. One particular fantastic piece is a velvet strapless jumpsuit with pockets. Yes please.

4. Betsey Hates Therapy

On the show, it’s couples therapy time for Betsey and Lulu. Well, who wouldn’t need therapy if they were neighbors with their mother who popped in without notice all the time. If our mother was Betsey Johnson, it might be a different story though.

“Therapy sessions, I just don’t get,” Betsey says. “If I don’t feel good, it’s my own fucking fault.”

In any event, Betsey is not please because she’s a big believer in positivity, moving past problems, and pushing forward!

5. You Have to Love Betsey

It’s no wonder the show is called XOX Betsey Johnson because that’s what we want to do to her… hugs and kisses. She’s just so loveable.

Have a little look at the design icon’s new show below:

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