Dancing With The Stars: 5/20/13 Live Blog

It’s the finals!!!!! Three rounds of competition including a judges’ pick round.

Loving Brooke’s dress, insane texture. 8:03pm

Poor Val injured and bloody. 8:05pm

Jacoby and Karina up first with a little help from Len! But first a commercial break!!!! 8:07pm

Karina looks sexy as hell with that crimp curly hair and the purple shimmer fringe. 8:14pm

There’s Mister Lowe and Mrs. Vanderpump in the front row. 8:16pm

Bruno, my love. 8:17pm

Jacoby can’t wear heels, so cut him some slack. 8:17pm

Aly and Mark comin’ up! 8:18pm

Dwts, Kym Johnson


Some backstage action….

Bruno looks like a little Italian Ken doll in rehearsals with that tight tank top. 8:24pm

Samba Rolls For Days!!!! 8:25pm

Loving the chains and nude/gold costume for Aly. Let’s take that creation to the club… 8:26pm

I felt like Aly and Mark’s first dance was a little awkward at a few moments… Clearly Bruno doesn’t think so. 8:28pm

Aly: gymnast turned choreographer? 8:29pm

28 out of 30 for the dirty…dancing. 8:30pm

Kellie and Derek are up next! 8:33pm

Kellie looks like Marilyn tonight. 8:34pm

Principal Len assigned to Kellie and Derek. 8:35pm

Nobbily bits. 8:35pm

Derek Hough flying towards my face…. no complaints here. 8:37pm

Loving the black and white. 8:37pm

Very cute. Their nobbily bits were perfect according to Tom, but Len’s looking a little serious. 8:38pm

Len’s excited about the nobbily bits. Like a stamp on a letter. 8:39pm

Ouch. That eye looks like it hurts, Vally. Zendaya’s throwin’ bows. 8:42pm

Carrie Ann in that tight black outfit just made me say “Ooh” out loud. 8:46pm

Yea, Zendaya. You have to wear the high heels like all the big kids. 8:47pm

Samba time. 8:48pm

Nice job for Zendaya and Val, but not crazy about the pants one-piece they gave Zendaya to wear. 8:50pm

Eye-popping, show-stopping, jaw-dropping… 8:50pm

Did anyone start the drinking game for each time Bruno stands up> 8:52pm

Poor Val’s eye…. guess he earned that 30. 8:53pm

Karina’s looking like a fierce warrior kitten. 8:59pm

Haha. “I can put some marbles in my dress.” -Kelly 9:00pm

Relay time! 9:00pm

Jacoby’s jumpin’ over Kellie and Derek, slidin’ through Aly and Mark, he’s all over the place… 901pm

Loving the black shimmer all over the place… Okay, enough with the butt-kissing, judges. What are the scores? 9:04pm

Looks like Val’s eye wins again! 9:05pm

Mardi Gras flashmob for Karina and Jacoby. 9:12pm

I want Karina’s body minus the hard work. 9:14pm

Liking the marching band outfits… Badass nerd alert on fire. 9:15pm

Look at the little Dance Mom star making another DWTS appearance. 9:16pm

Karina’s abs should be studied, while Jacoby’s body looks like a doodle pad. 9:17pm

Bruno hides under his desk from the boos. 9:17pm

A total of 56 for Jacoby and Karina for the night. 9:19pm

Pole dancing on DWTS… hmmm 9:26pm

It’s electric. 9:29pm

Loved Aly’s freestyle… sexy futuristic. 9:30pm

Dubbed Alexandra the great. 9:32pm

What will Derek and Kellie’s freestyle be…? 9:39pm

Don’t cry, Kelly……….. I’d cry if it were my last dance with Derek… Holy amazing. Goosebummps. 9:43pm

Aw, they made Carrie Ann cry. 9:43pm

Liking Zendaya’s nude and sparkle dress… 9:51pm

Zendaya and Val have kids. 9:53pm

Gorgeous dress on Zendaya. 9:54pm

Justin Bieber’s music with his actual voice as opposed to DWTS creating an elevator version for Zendaya… nice. 9:55pm

Carrie Ann and Zendaya match. 9:57pm

Val dedicates freestyle to the parents of all the kids out there… 9:59pm

Check out our Highlights from the finale.

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