Dancing With The Stars Results: 5/8/13 Top 10 Highlights

DWTS Results

1. DWTS Celebrates Its 300th Episode Tonight.


300 Episodes and Counting!

Watch as cast members, friends, and crew celebrate.

2. Avril Lavigne Takes The Stage.

Avril Lavigne, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Avril sings her latest single about never growing up. Bravo!

3. The Wanted Rocks The DWTS House, But There’s Something Missing.

Uh oh. Where’s Nathan?

4. Kellie And Derek Perform The Encore Dance.

A sexy encore of the Argentine Tango for the sultry duo. It’s no wonder the couple was safe tonight!

5. Former Pros Come Back To Celebrate the 300th Episode.



6. Guiness World Record Winner Sofia Lucia Takes The Spotlight.

Sofia Lucia, Dance Moms, DWTS

Winning the record for most consecutive pirhouettes (55) on March 30th, 2013 lead 10 year old Sofia to th DWTS floor.

What they failed to mention is that Sofia is a star on the reality show Dance Moms.

7. Aly Raisman Is A Thief.

Partner Mark Ballas reveals that Aly steals bangle bracelets from the set. With that, jokes ensue throughout the remainder of the show.

I guess Aly isn’t the only one…

8. Christina Grimme Sings As Gleb And Sharna Perform.

Loved her voice.

9. ABC Plugs New Show.

Alyssa Milano, DWTS, Mistresses, Dancing With The Stars

Alyssa Milano’s new show Mistresses gets a plug as the four stars of the show stand up in the front row.

10. The Finalists Are Chosen.

Ingo Rademacher gets sent home. Though Zendaya and Val stood in jeopardy alongside the couple, it was Ingo who was out. This isn’t too much of a surprise as the couple scored lowest this week.

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