Denise Garrido: Miss Universe Canada (For A Day, Because Of A Typo)

Denise Garrido

Denise Garrido was crowned 2008 Miss Earth Canada, 2010 Miss World Canada and – just this past Saturday – 2013 Miss Universe Canada. She had finally earned that royalty bling; until Sunday, that is.

Denise Garrido was Miss Universe Canada – for a day, all because of one measly typo.

Denise Garrido

Garrido was told by pageant director Denis Davila that there had been a typo while carrying over the judges’ penned scores into the computer program that selects the winner. The blunder swiped Garrido of Miss Universe Canada and bumped down to fourth place (which is still quite impressive). They discovered Riza Santos, 26, of Calgary, was the true Miss Universe Canada.

denise garrido miss canada

Denise Garrido

How could something like this happen? Andrew Lopez, a spokesman for Miss Universe Canada, claims that for 10 years, the person typing the results had been lawyer Nick Macos of Black Sutherland LLP.

But Macos, who does not exclusively work for Miss Universe Canada, was unavailable this year, Lopez said. Instead, an inexperienced pageant employee had to document the scores; he was the one who made the mistake.

denise garrido miss canada

However, it is imperative that more than one party reevaluate eachother’s handwritten recordings with the computer results to avoid this issue altogether.

Is it possible this “typo” wasn’t really an accident and a deliberate attempt to fix another “winner”? Former employee Fabricio Loza-Alvarado has seen other employees take on this responsibility at times Nick Macos couldn’t.

Denise Garrido

As a token of their apology, Miss Universe Canada wants Garrido to come with Santos on a few of her titleholder tasks and has nominated her to be a judge for the 2014 competition.

Garrido participated in her own charity duties in India and holds a degree in biomedical science. A genuine Good Samaritan, if you ask me.

We’ll leave you with a few reasons (pictures) as to why Denise Garrido should’ve been #1.

Denise Garrido

Denise Garrido

Denise Garrido

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