DWTS Host Brooke Burke-Charvet: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Brooke Burke, DWTS


It should be outlawed to be this hot after having kids and even battling thyroid cancer. Brooke Burke-Charvet is amazing. Not only is she a host on Dancing With The Stars, but she’s also into belly-wrapping, is married to a Melrose Place star, has posed for dozens of men’s magazine covers, and, is in fact, “The Naked Mom”. No idea what I’m talking about? Then, keep reading.

1. Brooke Has A Heart Of Gold.

Brooke Burke, DWTS


Brooke Burke, DWTS


Well, she’s got something gold…

2. She’s A Superhero In Her Spare Time.

Brooke Burke-Charvet, DWTS


Sure, it was a costume for Halloween with her family, but still.

3. No Matter What It Is, She Can Work It Out.

Brooke Burke, Celebrity Fitness, DWTS

Brooke is all about fitness. With a body like this, it only make sense that it be attributed to some serious exercise and health-conscious living.

Brooke Burke, DWTS

(Madden NFL’s 10 Pigskin Pro-Am: Getty Images)

4. She’s A Warrior.

Brooke Burke Thyroid, DWTS


“Surgery went well & I can talk. Losing My voice was my biggest fear,” the 41-year-old “Dancing With the Stars” co-host tweeted Thursday. “Thx for all your prayers & light.” -ABCNews

A Pioneer, Conquering Thyroid Cancer. Way to power through!

5. She Flies Pink Planes.

Brooke Burke, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Brooke Burke,DWTS

(Getty Images)

Inside a 1972 Russian MiG Trainer Plane that was used during the Cold War. Definitely props to her for even sitting in that thing.

6. Brooke Burke-Charvet Is A MILF.

Brooke20Burke-Preg MAXIM

Well, Maxim definitely thinks so with this hot preggo shot.

Naked Mom, Brooke Burke, DWTS

(Getty Images)

Here’s another MILF-worthy factor, her book The Naked Mom.

She even makes time to run her website ModernMom.com.

7. Her Addiction Is Twitter.

Looks like Brooke’s also addicted to coffee.

8. She Is Yet Another DWTS Playmate.

Brooke Burke, DWTS, Playboy

Much like other DWTS cast members have, Brooke posed for Playboy… And, she posed not once…but twice.

9. Yes, Brooke Burke-Charvet Stuffs.

Brooke Burke, Stuff Magazine, DWTS

Brooke Burke, Stuff Magazine, DWTS

Brooke Burke, Stuff Magazine, DWTS

Brooke Burke, Stuff Magazine, DWTS

Brooke has been on the cover of Stuff Magazine atleast five times… atleast. Hey, can you blame them?

10. Brooke Is All About Relaxation.

A Happy Day At Home With Brooke.

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