Dancing With The Stars Results: 5/7/13 Live Blog

Have the judges made up from their fight last night? We shall see…

What Jason Derulo has in store for us tonight…

Intense already lol… 9:00pm

Love the Jessica Rabbit look. 9:01pm

haha I love it. 9:05pm

Holy crap… I thought it’d be Ingo and Sean in the bottom. Kellie and Derek? Ballroom shocker. 9:07pm

Can you Encore an Encore dance? 9:14pm

Haha always love the behind-the-scenes antics. 9:16pm

I think Derek Hough already defies gravity, so I don’t see the Macy’s performance being a problem. 9:20pm

Nicely put, Kellie… Everybody likes their coffee different. 9:25pm

Obsessed with this Jason Derulo song… even if he is lip synching… 9:26pm

Sean Lowe doing disco would be pretty funny to watch… have to admit. 9:32pm

Diggin’ Emile Sande’s hair… 9:37pm

Haha Loving Peanut’s mini-series. 9:39pm

This Macy’s dance is creeping me out…. Their movement kind of remind me of the girl in “The Ring”…but it i cool. I have to admit. 9:41pm

Holy crap. 9:42pm

Love this song…. Have I said that enough? “Next To Me” 9:47pm

Nice. Always love a little Cheryl. 9:50pm

Dun Dun Dun. Congrats to Aly and Mark. 9:52pm

Derek better be safe….Phew. 9:57pm

I’ve got chillllls… They’re multiplyin’. 9:58pm

Bye, Bye, Sean… It’s okay. You saw it coming. 9:59pm

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