Farrah Abraham Fights With American Airlines

Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom, James Deen

(Getty Images)

We’ve all had airport drama one time or another and Farrah Abraham is no different. When airport security at LAX let her know her duffle bag needed to be checked due to its size, Abraham was said to have obliged. However, she also gave the airport worker a lesson in manners. As a result, airport police were called and an argument ensued. Later on, Abraham took to twitter in an unflattering tweet about American Airlines, which was later deleted.

Apparently, Southwest Airlines has been very good to Farrah.

But, we’re sure Farrah has bigger things to worry about… like the latest news on her pregnancy scare rumors surrounding her Backdoor Teen Mom porn co-star James Deen. Though TMZ has a source that says Farrah wasn’t on the pill, it appears Deen only agreed to the film provided that Farrah was on birth control. Even so, it’s unlikely the Teen Mom is pregnant. … Let’s just say it’s not called Back Door for nothing.

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