WATCH: Heavy’s Hangout With Ludacris & Tyrese of ‘Fast & Furious 6′!

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Ludacris and Tyrese are two of the most prominent members of the Fast & Furious 6 cast. Ludacris, who’s not just an actor but also a legendary rapper, has been in a few of the Fast & Furious films, and Tyrese was one of the main actors in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

They’re both back for Fast 6, the most epic and highly anticipated installment in the franchise, which drops this weekend on Memorial Day.

Through the marvels of modern science, I sat down with Ludacris and Tyrese in a Google Hangout, where the stars talked music, cars, the insane action scenes in the movie, and who’s the best driver.

Watch the interview above!

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Fast And Furious 6

Here’s a transcript of the conversation I had with Ludacris and Tyrese:

Ian: So, director Justin Lin has orchestrated some like really intricate and complex action scenes. But, I thought the action scenes from Fast and Furious 6 were way better than anything I’ve seen in a while. Can you talk about the hardest action scenes to film and why it was so difficult?

Ludacris: I didn’t really get much action because, of course, I’m the brains and the computer geek. But, this guy right here can tell you all about it.

Tyrese: Action-wise I think one of the most challenging scenes was probably the big tank sequence. And the reason it was challenging for me because when he explained it it made no damn sense. But, when you see it all put together it was just crazy that Justin Lin’s brilliance had the foresight to understand the beginning, middle and end of the outcome of what that scene would be. And so we all contributed and for me that was one of my favorite scenes. I think the big plane sequence in the end people are gonna love it. Some people are gonna feel whatever kind of way about it, but I think the highlight was definitely the tank sequence in my opinion.

Ian: I thought it was sick. Thanks a lot, guys.

Tyrese: The longest runway of the world.


As you can see from the number of trailers that have been released, the action scenes in the film are no joke. Starring accomplished action stars Vin Diesel (obviously), The Rock and former MMA fighter Gina Carano, the trailers show the choreography behind the fight scenes was extremely intricate. You can see the tank scene Tyrese talks about in this trailer.

For my review of the film, click here.

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