Marvel Releases First Trailer For ‘Agents of Shield’

Okay, first things first. How the hell is Agent Coulson still alive? This ABC TV show takes place after the events of The Avengers. I don’t want to be a spoiler here, but the fact the Agent Coulson is still walking around is quite the surprise. And if you haven’t watched The Avengers then shame on you!

Well Coulson lives and I have some inside scoop on why that might be. Remember in The Avengers when Captain America finds Coulson’s bloody trading cards of himself? How did they get there? More importantly, why did they get there? I tell you why…motivation.

It wasn’t until the untimely demise of Coulson did The Avengers really begin to assemble. Was all this just an elaborate ploy to get the Avengers to become a team again? We all know how broken up about Coulson’s death Tony Stark was, and it helped motivate him to kick the crap out of Loki and his cronies.

But you know who did know about this swerve of all swerves? You guessed it…Mr. Cyclops himself, Nick Fury.

Now, this is all speculation, but I’m putting my money on this being the truth. We’ll just have to find out until the TV show arrives on ABC to see if my theory holds true. Oh, and in one of the teasers, the hashtag #CoulsonLives closes out the vignette.

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