Mirrorball Champ Derek Hough: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

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The Mirrorball king has proved himself once again as an amazing choreographer and performer on Dancing With The Stars. Killer moves, a killer body, and a killer attitude. Have a look at some of what makes Derek so loveable, talented, and star-worthy.

1. He’s Freakin’ Hot.

Derek Hough, DWTS

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No explanation needed here.

2. Derek Isn’t Just a Dancer; He’s a Singer.

Derek Hough, DWTS, Dancing With The Stars

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The full package. However, he has to confess that he was in a boy band-esque group years ago that included his sister Julianne Hough and DWTS co-star Mark Ballas. Yikes! Today, both Ballas and himself perform a bit separately, but root each other on nonetheless. The two grew up in the same household almost as brothers, so it’s no wonder they’re so close today.

3. He Is Delightfully Obsessed With His Dog.

Derek and his dog Romie go hand in hand… or should I say paw in paw?

Derek Hough, DWTS

4. Derek Has a Strong Bond With His Family.

A little family-orientation never hurt anyone. The strong bond Derek has with his family is so sweet. Every night you will see tweets from not only his siblings, but his parents. He also finally was able to have his grandparents come to a LIVE show this season. Unfortunately for them, he was topless for the first dance and apologized to them over and over on the air. I don’t think any of the other audience members needed apologies.

5. He Hangs Out With His Cast-Mates Both On and Off Camera.

Derek Hough, Jacoby, DWTS

Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, Mark Ballas, Kellie Pickler, DWTS

It’s nice when a cast that calls themselves somewhat of a family actually IS in fact like a family. Most competitions are a lot less harmonious.

6. Derek Loves Any Chance He Gets to Wear a Fake Moustache.

This is the sad, but wonderful truth. If you watched the season, Derek played with any fake facial hair he was given and lamented when he no longer could wear it. He even tried to grow his own moustache from time to time, but that boyish face wouldn’t always allow him to grow it.

7. Even Derek Gets Starstruck.

Hey, who doesn’t?

8. His Sister is Julianne Hough.

Like I said, Derek has a strong family bond going on. Most know Julianne Hough as DWTS’ original Hough or Ryan Seacrest’s former flame, but Derek knows her as “Sis”.

Julianne Hough, DWTS, Derek Hough

9. He Respects and Loves His Elders.

Derek Hough, DWTS

If this doesn’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will.

10. Derek Is a Woman-Beater.

Derek Hough, DWTS

This kind of beating is okay in our book. It won them the Mirrorball didn’t it?

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