Rapper Tim Dog: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Tim Dog, Rapper Faked Own Death, Tim Dog Faked Death

A Mississippi woman is claiming that 90s rapper Tim Dog faked his own death in February to get out of paying her restitution money owed to her after being scammed. An investigation into his death has turned up empty and the mystery remains whether the rapper is actually dead or alive. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Tim Dog Reportedly Died From a Seizure

Tim Dog, Tim Dog Faked Dearth

On February 14, The Source reported that Timothy Blair, or otherwise more commonly known as rapper Tim Dog, died from a seizure following a battle with diabetes at 46-years-old.

“Tim Dog was present and active during a pivotal time in Hip Hop and unapolgetically made his mark,” the magazine wrote on its website. “The Source would like to send our condolences to his family and friends. Rest In Peace.”

2. A Mississippi Woman is Claimed He Faked His Own Death

Tim Dog, Tim Dog Faked Death

Now over three months after the rapper’s reported death, a Mississippi woman is claiming that Tim Dog is still alive. Esther Pilgrim met Tim Dog a few years ago through an online dating site who scammed her out of $32,000 thinking he needed investors to restart his music career.

3. He Owed the Woman $19,000

Rapper Faked His Own Death

Two years ago, Tim Dog pleaded guilty to grand larceny for defrauding Pilgrim and a judge ordered the rapper to pay her $19,000 in restitution over five years. Her payments stopped around the time of his reported death.

4. She Said He Could Owe Up to $2 Million to Other People

Tim Dog Faked Death

Pilgrim told CBS Memphis affiliate WREG that the rapper could up as much as $2 million to other people that he allegedly scammed over the years.

5. There Are No Records of His Death

After Tim Dog was reported dead, Pilgrim couldn’t track down any records of his death; no witnesses, location or even a death certificate. WREG hired a private investigator, but the search came up empty.

6. The Story Cited for His Death Has Been Taken Down

Tim Dog, Rapper Faked Death, Time Dog Faked Death

The story on The Source that first reported the rapper’s death has even been taken down from its website

7. The Prosecutor That Helped Him Get Convicted Also Thinks He is Alive

Tim Dog

Pimgrim is not the only person that thinks Tim Dog may have faked his own death. Prosecutor Steven Jubera, who helped get Blair convicted in 2011, says he will consider the rapper alive until it is proven that he is dead.

“I need proof,” Jubera said. “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.”

8. Staff at His Last Listed Residence Say He Never Lived There

Tim Dog Faked Death

Personnel at the front desk of the apartment building that is listed as the rapper’s last residence, which is still listed as active, said they have no record of anyone by the name of Timothy Blair living there.

9. A Warrant For His Arrest Has Been Issued

Jubera asked a judge on Tuesday that a warrant for the rapper be issued for his unpaid restitution payments. The judge approved.

10. He is Known for His 1991 Song F**k Compton

Tim Dog – Fuck ComptonMusic video by Tim Dog performing Fuck Compton. (C) 1991 Ruffhouse Records LP2009-10-25T09:14:44.000Z

Tim Dog is best known for his 1991 song F**k Compton, which disses the West Coast rap scene.

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