‘The Man of Steel’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The Man of Steel
DC Comics is back with another attempt at a modern age Superman film. Come June 14th, 2013, The Man of Steel will land in theaters as a rebooted version of the Superman origin story. Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about the film’s development, cast and rumors about which DC heroes may make an appearance.

1. Plans for the Film Began in 2008
The Man of Steel
In June 2008, Warner Bros. began compiling pitch ideas for the film from various comic book writers, movie screenwriters, and directors for a Superman reboot film. During the plot discussion for The Dark Knight Rises movie, David S. Goyer proposed an idea on a modern day Superman concept to Christopher Nolan. Nolan was impressed by Goyer’s concept, which led Nolan to present the idea to Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. also liked the idea and greenlit the development and production of the film. Thanks to the box office success of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. made the easy decision to give Nolan the role of producer for The Man of Steel.

The film was directed by Zach Snyder, while the scrip writing duties were given to David S. Goyer. The principal photography for the film began in August 2011 in West Chicago, Illinois before it moved over to Plano, Illinois.

2. A Bunch of Directors Were Considered
The Man of Steel

Guillermo Del Toro.

Guillermo Del Toro had to decline the role of the movie’s director position due to his commitment to his duties for the At The Mountains of Madness film. Robert Zemeckis was also approached, but he declined the position as well. Other candidates for the director position included Ben Affleck, Darren Aronofsky, Tony Scott etc. Zach Snyder was given the director position in October 2010. Casting for the film took place in November 2010.
3. This Film is a Superman Origin Tale
The Man of Steel
The Man of Steel is an origin tale that details the beginning of Superman’s rise to becoming one of Earth’s greatest heroes. The film’s official website offered the official plot synopsis for the film:


4. The New Clark Kent/Superman is Henry Cavill
The Man of Steel
British actor Henry Cavill is playing the role of Superman/Clark Kent. He has starred in several films, such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust, and Immortals. In an interview with his fan site, Cavill detailed his emotions when he first donned the Superman outfit:

It felt pretty incredible, actually. I’m not going to lie. You put it on and you think okay, this is day one of work — day one of being Superman, and you’ve got a whole crew here who are invested in making a Superman movie. I was all wrapped up in this very sticky waterproof black cape thing, so no paparazzi could get shots or anything like that. And it was roasting hot, it was over 100 degrees in Chicago. And it’s that moment of going, “This is me, unveiling myself as Superman to the crew.” And there was a slight aspect of nerves, but it was more about excitement. People weren’t waiting to judge — everyone is sitting there rubbing their hands together with glee, going, “We finally get to see what we’re creating here!” It was an incredible feeling, wearing the suit, after all the work I’d done and everyone else had done in putting the suit together. It just felt like the right moment. It felt bang on. Really exciting.

5. The Editor of the Daily Planet Is Being Played by a Black Actor
The Man of Steel

Laurence Fishburne.

For the first time ever, the role of Perry White (The Daily Planet’s editor-in-chief) will be filled by a Black actor. Laurence Fishburne is the man playing that role. The Toronto Sun nabbed a video interview with the actor and his role, which can be viewed here.

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6. The Man Villain is General Zod

The Man of Steel

Actor Michael Shannon as General Zod.

The main antagonist for the film will General Zod, a megalomaniacal Kryptonian general who wields the same powers as Superman. Actor Michael Shannon will be playing the role.

7. The Rest of the Cast Features Actors Playing Lois Lane and The Kent Family
Amy Adams will play the role of Lois Lane, while Diane Lane and Kevin Costner will play Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent, respectively. Russell Crowe is starring as Superman’s father Jor-El, while the mother (Lara Lor-Van) will be played by Ayelet Zurer. Another noteworthy character that will star in the film is Antje Traue as Faora, the female follower of General Zod.

8. Hans Zimmer Is Composing The Soundtrack

Academy Award winning music composer Hans Zimmer is behind the musical score for the film. Listen to one of the first songs revealed for the film, titled “An Ideal Hope.”

9. This Film Will Begin the Shared Movie Concept for the DC Universe
The Man of Steel
This film is being slated to begin the shared universe concept for DC’s long line of superheroes. It will be similiar to the way Marvel has created a shared universe between all of its iconic heroes, which led to the creation of The Avengers film. Comic Book Movie posted up a bit of information regarding which DC hero will be referenced in the film.

Be warned – spoilers are ahead:

This one comes courtesy of our old pal Jake Lester, who has had the inside track on the goings on with Man Of Steel for quite a while now. In the third trailer for the movie, the LexCorp building is glimpsed in Metropolis, but Jake reckons that won’t be the only big business that’s featured. This shouldn’t come as too big a surprise, as if any other character was going to get a mention it was always more than likely going to be this one, but according to Jake Wayne Enterprises will be mentioned “in some fashion”, and not only that — Batman himself will be directly referenced. In what way? He doesn’t know, but he says it will definitely NOT be the same character from Christopher Nolan’s Bat-flicks, but a brand new incarnation to be used in WB’s future Batman movies. There’s more at the link below, be sure to head on over to CBT to check it out.

10. New Banners and TV Spots Have Been Released
The Man of Steel

The Man of Steel

New poster banners for the film, as well as two new TV trailers, can be seen above.

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