Top 10 Celebrity Photo-Bombs

DWTS, Mark Ballas, Aly Raisman, Henry Byalikov, Dancing With The Stars

Photo-bombing is sweeping the nation and celebs across the fame board are taking part in the fun. See which stars have photo-bombing mania.

1. Sean Patrick Flanery Shows Off His Guns.

Sean Patrick Flanery showcases his muscles as he photobombs his own co-star at Comic Con.

2. SPF Gets A Little Pay-Back.

This proves that one good photo-bomb deserves another as SPF falls victim here.

3. Jaden Smith Makes A Cameo In Kris Jenner’s Photo.

Kris Jenner, Jaden Smith, Photobomb

Kris Jenner instagrams her latest photobomb with little Jaden Smith peeking out.

4. Anne Hathaway Becomes A Victim At The Met Gala.

Anne Hathaway, Photo Bomb, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger

(Marion Curtis/

Anne Hathaway is made a victim of photo-bombing by Joshua Jackson at the Met Gala.

5. Gisele Bundchen Strikes Against Hathaway Too.

Gisele, Anne Hathaway, Met Gala

(Getty Images)

Looks like Anne Hathaway falls victim twice in one night. Gisele Bundchen wanted in on the photo-bombing action. Nonetheless, Anne wasn’t the only one photo-bombed at the event.

6. The Met Gala Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Playground.

Met Gala, Jennifer Lawrence, Photo bomb, Sarah Jessica Parker

(Getty Images)

Sarah Jessica Parker’s photos get hijacked by jokester Jennifer Lawrence. Love it. shows it best.

7. Andrew Garfield Feels The Wrath Of Girlfriend Emma Stone.

Emma Stone, Spiderman, Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone photo-bombs Andrew Garfield at the US premiere of BULL At Brits, peering over his shoulder in his solo shot.

More photo-bombing on the part of funny Emma Stone at the premiere. Sorry, Andrew Garfield. Visit the Huffington Post for more details.

8. Lisa Rinna Relishes In Kevin Spacey’s Photo-Bombing Art.

Even Kevin Spacey is getting in on the photo-bombing… And Lisa Rinna appears to be a fan too.

9. Spacey Just Can’t Help Himself.

Matthew Perry, Photo bomb, Conan O'Brien, Kevin Spacey

(Getty Images)

Kevin Spacey strikes again!

Huffington Post Reveals:

Spacey was also an integral part of the main event as he appeared in a parody video of “House of Cards” as his character, Rep. Frank Underwood, which kicked off the correspondents’ dinner.
Apparently, photobombing has since become somewhat of a hobby for him as well. Last Monday morning, Spacey photobombed an innocent bystander while jogging in Boston.

10. Dancing With The Stars Is Full Of Photo-Bombs.

Looks like Kellie Pickler’s a photo-bomb lover as well. Click here for our latest article on Pickler to see more of her photo-bombing antics.

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