Wade Robson: I Didn’t Repress Michael Jackson’s Molestation — I Lied

Wade Robson, MJ, Michael Jackson

(Getty Images)

On the Today show with Matt Lauer, Wade Robson made it a point to clear up a couple misconceptions on his abuse claims.

“First of all, one thing I want to clear up is that this is not a case of repressed memory.”

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Robson continues to explain that he never once forgot the abuse and that he wasn’t ready until now to accept what happened. Robson, now 30 years old, claims he was emotionally unable to fully understand what had happened to him until now. In turn, this unfortunately means that Robson lied on the stand when he defended Michael Jackson in previous molestation cases.

Of course, coming forward about the alleged abuse has had a massive backlash for the choreographer, especially from Michael Jackson’s estate lawyer Tom Mesereau who told TMZ that he believes Robson’s claims are solely motivated by money and publicity, despite what Robson says. Because Robson has filed the claim as a “belated creditor”, Mesereau believes there is no validity to the case.

“Why call yourself a creditor if it’s not about money.”