’72 Hours’ Series Premiere Exclusive Interview: Host Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson, 72 Hours

(Getty Images)

TNT premieres a new reality series tonight at 9 p.m. EST. 72 Hours is the name and survival is the game. What would you do if you were dropped in the middle of the jungle for 72 hours? I’m sure being on a hunt for a giant cash prize would be pretty good motivation. I got a chance to chat with the 72 Hours host, sexy Brandon Johnson, and he dished all about the new show … as well as all of the drama, danger and thrills that come along with it. Even if you’re not into suspense, host Brandon Johnson definitely makes for some gorgeous eye candy.

Watch our first-hand footage asking Johnson about his helicopter navigation, supply drops for contestants, along with the dangers that come along with being the show’s host. Let’s just say we are very glad that Johnson had some coconuts on-hand. If not for the amazing coconuts, Johnson may not be here today.