Amanda Bynes is IN LOVE, Her Provacative Tweets Reveal

Amanda Bynes

(Getty images)

Who is Amanda thinking about every minute of the day?

Someone is smitten!

Call us crazy, but Amanda Bynes sounds like she’s in love! The actress posted a series of love-stricken tweets on Twitter this week, and we’re determined to find out who she’s talking about. Maybe it’s about time the 27-year-old found that someone special instead of bashing male celebrities like Drake over the internet. And, if she has then hopefully they can tolerate all her recent moodiness. If these half-heartfelt half-corny tweets are coming from anywhere near a true place, then this would probably help explain Amanda’s jealous and nutty behavior over Twitter. Everyone knows being in love makes you go crazy … just ask Gnarles Barkley.

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