Amanda Bynes Deletes Tweets Calling Her Mom Ugly & ‘Desperate For Attention’

Amanda Bynes

(Getty images)

If you thought Amanda Bynes’ Twitter victims could get any more random, think again. But, don’t worry her insults aren’t getting any more creative. About ten minutes ago Amanda tweeted that her mother is ugly and desperate for attention.

However, she left it up for only a minute before completely deleting it! Same goes for this one:

Amanda Bynes


Apparently, now Drake and Keith Rivers have herpes (according to Bynes)! Well, if that’s true than guess what Amanda… so do you!

Meanwhile, she tweeted Drake a litte before that again professing her love for him. If we’re confused by Amanda’s recent rants… we can’t even imagine how Drake must be taking them! He probably either sits at his computer laughing at them, brushes them off, or meditates in a padded room. Regardless, no one’s really taking Amanda seriously anymore. To add to her recent blubbering, about an hour ago Amanda said:

We’re sure Drake is super relieved to hear that.

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