Another Amanda Bynes Twitter Attack: Cher Dodges Her Bullet

Amanda Bynes

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The sassy Twitter queen Amanda Bynes has taken her public insults to a new low. In a tweet post earlier today she claims:

Now that’s some tough love.

How’s that for some sass. But, a publicity stunt? C’mon Amanda, you’re better than that. Miley Cyrus got a taste of a bitter Amanda yesterday via some rude tweets as well. Maybe the actress is simply bored with herself. Apparently she has all the time in the world to hunt down old pics of celebs and call them her new favorite word, “ugly.” Well that’s a pretty “ugly” habit she’s developed if you ask us. Does she think this a game?

In case she does… Cher definitely beat her at it.

It all started with this tweet…

Cher has a quick wit!

Clearly Cher threw more than some “shade” over the Twitter fire we call Amanda… more like some saw dust! Not only did she reply to the tweet asking if she was upset about what Amanda Bynes said, she flat out asked who Amanda Bynes was. However, she later sent Amanda a tweet apologizing.

See what happens when you don’t fuel a fire? It gets shut down, kind of like Amanda. We could all learn a thing or two from Cher!

…Maybe if Cher could “turn back time” she would take back her comment.

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