Exclusive: Amanda Bynes Dumped by Record Label for Disrespecting Wyclef Jean

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It looks like it may be a while before we get to hear Amanda Bynes’ music. Chinga Chang Records has decided to drop Amanda Bynes on behalf of their affinity to Wyclef Jean.

According to a source at the record label, Chinga Chang Records has spoken to their attorneys this morning in order to have Amanda dropped from the label. They are very firm that they cannot be associated with anyone who disrespects an icon like Wyclef Jean.

Out of their affinity for Wyclef, they will be giving the advance they had planned to give Bynes to the Haitian Earthquake Humanitarian Fund.

Our source states that the label feels Bynes has crossed the line and “disrespected hip hop”. How disappointing.

Strangely, we have not seen anything on Amanda Bynes disrespecting Wyclef in the media. It seems though, that if this was the case, it was Wyclef who may have caused Amanda Bynes to act unfavorably.


Comparing Bynes to one of The Muppets may not be the most flattering of comments. However, not knowing who she is, may be pretty believable since apparently, the two have never met.

Another interesting development is that Bynes has now stated that she never spoke with anyone at the record label.


What’s an Amanda Bynes fan to believe?