Exclusive Interview: Amanda Bynes Will Have Her Own Record Label Someday

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We got the chance to sit down with the CEO of Chinga Chang Records, Daniel C. Herman, to catch up and chat about Amanda Bynes, whose upcoming album will be released on the label.

Here’s what he had to say.

Herman Wants Bynes To Be In Control

One of the points that Herman really wanted to get across was that he wants Amanda Bynes to have total control of her album to make it a “classic album” with her creative vision.

I basically want Amanda to be in control of this album. I want her to sit down with the top producers and be creative with them to come up with ideas … to put out records that are going to relate to her fans. This is a big chance for her because she grew up working for major corporations, whether it was Nickelodeon or Fox where she put out movies.

Amanda Bynes is a Real Singer

What people forget is that Amanda Bynes can sing! She appeared in the movie Hairspray, which is a musical, if you recall.

The Guy Wants to Give Bynes Her Own Record Label

In fact, Herman has faith that Bynes could even have her own label one day.

I’d like to give her her own label one day. I think that 10 years down the road, she could be a CEO … maybe 10 months down the road! The sky is the limit, as Biggie said.

Right now, contracts are being finalized in regards to the specifics of Amanda’s album, though her sound is said to be more pop than rap and Amanda will be writing her music. Details in regards to a tour are also being put into contracts as well.

Herman Opens Up About Speculation About the Wyclef Jean Collaboration

Amanda seems very excited, as are her fans. And, now that the label is also talking to Wyclef Jean about collaborating with Bynes, things appear to be falling right into place. Herman was sure to tell us that:

The meeting with Wyclef was just a meeting, but I was honored to have a presidential candidate sit down with a 27-year-old guy, just trying to make “classic albums.”

The Ultimate Goal for Amanda Bynes is to Prove the World Wrong

Herman also opens up about his overall goal when it comes to working with Amanda Bynes:

What I really want is to show the world that they’re wrong. I want her to be in control … just side by side together. With this album, I want her to be side by side with me and the producers. I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable about anything whatsoever, whether it’s related to the media or the music. I want her to be an exec on this project. That’s really what I want.

He then wanted to stress again the importance of and his desire to make a “classic album,” much like Amanda Bynes’ desire to create one as well.

I’ve done everything and I continue to do everything to put out a classic album. She told me that she wants to put out a classic album and she told the world that that’s what she wants to do.

Daniel Herman Will Always Be Amanda Bynes’ Fan

All in all, Herman is behind Bynes 100 percent and wants her to succeed to the fullest. Herman started off as another Amanda Bynes fan and is ready to help Bynes go far in the music industry. He said that the way she’s been treated is very misunderstood, especially how she was treated at the Biltmore building where she recently lived. Herman’s heart and intentions are pure and relentless on the star’s behalf.

For any reason, if it doesn’t work out, I’m always going to love her … as a fan. And, I’m going to wish her the best.

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