Amanda Bynes & Wyclef Jean Talk Music Collaboration

Amanda Bynes, Wyclef Jean

(Getty Images/Twitter)

Last night, Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean met up to talk business. Bynes’ possible album with Chinga Chinga Records was the focus of the meeting. The record company’s CEO Dan Herman told E! Online that he thinks the collaboration would be “perfect” and that:

Linking the two of them will be something major.

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According to sources, Wyclef has been very open to the idea of getting together with Bynes on an album.

Herman also told E! that:

This album is going to shock the world. She has such a great voice. Singers wish they could hit the notes that Amanda does.

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Well, Amanda, we never knew! Looking forward to hearing some of Bynes’ future tracks, especially since she will be writing her own songs. In fact, Herman is currently in talks to put together a music tour for Bynes. Those tickets would move like hot cakes!

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