America’s Got Talent Premiere 6/4/13: Top 10 Highlights

America's Got Talent


1. New Judges Mel B and Heidi Klum Take the Stage

Howard Stern tells Heidi Klum during the first ten minutes that he wants to “suck the venom out of her.” So, it looks like things are going well.

2. There’ a New Rule

It Takes Three Yes’s To Get Make it Through to Vegas! This Season’s contestants have to work harder than ever this season to make it to the next round. Apparently one more judge means one more heart to win over!

3. Nick Cannon is The New James Brown

Cannon played a good James Brown during the show’s opening sequence. Looks like he worked hard on that hair. “Living in America” had the audience ‘living it up’!

4. A Country Couple Makes the Crowd Tear Up

This guy is only on the show because of his wife! After Heidi Klum calls her onto the stage, his wife tells the audience she tricked her husband into playing on the show last minute! The country-man sings “Make You Feel My Love” and has the audience’s eyes welling up in tears.

5. The Rattlesnake Takes the Stage

The first runner up made quite an impression in the room. Tension in the audience grew as he brought a rattlesnake up on stage and attempted to bring a red balloon near its head. Luckily, the snake went after the balloon and not after him! Against all odds, this runner up walked away a lucky man.

6. Little Girl Blows the Crowd Away!

This just proves big things come in small packages. Mel B tells ten year-old talented vocalist, “…you have depth, and you can’t teach somebody depth.”

7. Howard Stern Takes an ‘X’ Back For The First Time Ever

A contestant by the name of ‘Special head’ made the crowd reconsider their harsh opinions. After a less than amusing introduction to his act involving strange noises and gestures, the crowd was not hesitant to show him how they really felt. Howard was quick to follow. However, right when things were looking their worst, ‘Special head’ seemed to pull through with what looked like none other than levitation! He somehow used a cane and one hand to float up into the air. Now that’s some talent! Embarrassed, Howard took back his initial ‘X’ claiming that this was a first for him. Who knew this runner up would defy not only gravity, but Howard Stern’s judgment!

8. 60-person Orchestra Makes it to Vegas

Right when you thought you’d heard the last of “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson, this group brings it back orchestra-style! A group of sixty people dressed in black robes brought out the best of hip-hop when they sang a remix of “Call me maybe” for their talent. The crowd went wild and so did the judges. We hope to see all sixty of them in Vegas!

9. Things Get Hot With Howie Mandel

Howard Stern eating pepper

Howard Stern fake-eats a hot pepper!

Howie Mandel eating pepper

Meanwhile, Howie Mandel eats a hot pepper for real! Things might get hot between the two judges after Howard pulls this fast one!

Howard and Howie + pepper

Howard points and laughs while Howie get a mouthful of heat from what started out at his own dare!

After an act leaves some hot peppers on the stage, Howie gets a mouthful of soon-to-be-regret! Not only that, but Howard Stern tricks him into eating the pepper by himself. Looks like Season 8’s judges are already getting feisty. Maybe Howie should watch out next time!

10. The Judges Break it Down For The Last Act

After a pair of brothers set the mood with their song, the whole room was dancing in no time. Howard Stern even accuses Heidi Klum of dancing a little too close, if you know what I mean. Hopefully she doesn’t rub Howard the wrong way. Most importantly, the brothers’ new hit makes it to Vegas! Howard Stern calls the act a “one hit wonder.”

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