The Bachelorette 6/10/13: Live Blog

Is everyone ready?

And it begins? Now who has the girfriend? 8:01pm

Who’s going to end up in the hospital? 8:02pm

Love is a Battlefield! 8:03pm

Drew looks like a chorus line boy. 8:03pm

Uh oh. Dodgeball Group Date! 8:04pm

I don’t know what to say about all the Richard Simmons look-a-likes. 8:08pm

Who wears short shorts? 8:11pm

Balls everywhere. 8:12pm

A win for the blue team! 8:13pm

Oh, no! Brooks is broken! His poor, dislocated finger. 8:15pm

The Blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Champions! 8:16pm

But, everyone gets to go with Des tothe after-party. 8:17pm

Poor Brooks… :( 8:22pm

Another Daddy. 8:23pm

Kasey get the one-on-one date. 8:25pm

Rooftop Get-away with Chris. 8:27pm

Yay, Brooks is back and gets a kiss. Maybe the other guys should try breaking some limbs. 8:29pm

Uh oh, Brian is toast! Here she comes! 8:40pm

How would she know the date, Brian? 8:46pm

Don’t let the door hit ya on your lyin’ tush, Brian. 8:49pm

Brian is sick. Horrible. Peace out, Bri. 8:53pm

You tell ’em Des. 8:54pm

Brandon has daddy issues. 8:56pm

You’d have to kill me to get me to dance on the side of a building in the air like that. 9:03pm

This is a scary date. 9:06pm

Aw, I’m liking Kasey… 9:07pm

Des is looking for her “Lone Ranger”. 9:17pm

These outfits do look pretty hot on these guys huh. 9:18pm

Ha. Those pants are pretty tight. 9:19pm

And excotic Juan Pablo gets the “range badge”. 9:20pm

Way to pubicize The Lone Ranger! 9:21pm

Bryden: Reserved or boring? Yeah, take the lead, girl. 9:28pm

I like Zak… he’s all right. 9:29pm

Blah Blah Blah. 9:31pm

Uh oh. Make or break moment. 9:32pm

Uh oh. Des is fooled by Ben. 9:39pm

Mmmm. I want pizza. 9:43pm

I think Drew is goin’ home. 9:43pm

Actually kind of get why Ben wouldn’t tell anyone about the joy ride. 9:45pm

Brandon should stop being so heavy. 9:46pm

Awkward kiss. I think Brandon might be leaving. 9:47pm

Who’s ready for rejection? 9:52pm

Loving Desiree’s royal blue jeweled dress. 9:53pm

Give one to Dan!!!!!!!! 9:55pm

One more rose. 9:56pm

Brandon we knew, Dan wasn’t so sure. 9:57pm

Bye bye, Brandon. 9:58pm

Dodged that land mine, Des. 9:58pm

Cry baby time. 9:58pm

Ta ta! 10:00pm

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