Bethenny Frankel Divorce Nightmare: Jason Won’t Leave!

Bethenny Frankel

(Getty images)

According to RadarOnline, the messy divorce war brewing between Bethenny Frankel, from Bethenny Ever After, and Jason Hoppy is heating up for one reason and one reason only: Both of them refuse to move out of the 3,400-square-foot Tribeca apartment they used to happily share.

It’s a real-life War of the Roses.

Recently, bitter ex-husband Jason refused to let Bethenny shoot scenes for her upcoming talk show inside the home.

Sources tell Radar:

Jason tried to stop the taping. He freaked out and snapped at everybody.

Embarrassed at the scene, Bethenny was forced to continue shooting in her bedroom instead. In addition, reports RadarOnline, Jason wants the couple’s young daughter Bryn completely away from the camera/media scene. At least, that’s understandable. Either way, the used-to-be-happy-couple’s lives sound like a bad college roommate situation if you ask us.

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At least, as you can see the reality TV show star has posted on Twitter, Bethenny is trying to focus on the positives instead of the negatives in her life. She seems to be keeping it together quite well, despite the problems at home:

We hope the divorced couple’s living situation gets better for Bryn’s sake… and soon!

If you can't wait for Bethenny's new talk show, pass this on!

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