Blind ‘Beliebers’: Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Justin Bieber Fans, Hilarity Ensues

VideoVideo related to blind ‘beliebers’: jimmy kimmel trolls justin bieber fans, hilarity ensues2013-06-27T18:05:50-04:00

If Justin Bieber peed on an American flag, most Americans would be pretty upset, right?

That’s what Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know when he sent his team to interview people outside Justin Bieber’s concert in Los Angeles for the comedy segment, Lie Witness News.

Feeding Beliebers all sorts of crazy lies about the pop prince, the lengths these kids (and one creepy adult) go to justify these made-up antics and cat anus tattoo is pretty unBeliebable.

Check it out above, and then tell your baby, your girlfriend, and whoever else.

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