Channing Tatum Reveals First Photo of Newborn Daughter

Channing Tatum

(Getty images)

Ladies beware! Channing Tatum’s new baby girl is almost as cute as he is… almost. The first ever photo of his newborn daughter was released and revealed on Sunday, which, as it always does, spread like wildfire via Twitter and the rest of the internet. This weekend is full of celebrity baby surprises- from Kim Kardashian’s delivery to her own baby girl on Saturday, to Channing’s baby photo release on Sunday.

Isn’t she precious?

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This fan’s tweet may or may not be accurate according to most women in the world. But, we still think it’s hilarious. This Sunday was Channing’s first father’s day… as a father! Channing even sent this tweet out on Father’s Day in honor of his big moment:

Happy Father’s Day Channing! And, congrats to the happy couple and their new beautiful little girl.

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