Charlie Sheen Calls Farrah Abraham ‘Desperate Guzzler of Douche Agua’

Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom, Backdoor Teen Mom, Charlie Sheen

(Getty Images/Twitter)

Charlie Sheen is livid that MTV’s former Teen Mom star, now turned porn star, Farrah Abraham leaked her text messages to and from Sheen. The two had exchanged several text messages last month trying to get together. Unfortunately, Farrah turned them over to the media. As a result, Charlie Sheen has sent her the most wonderfully insane rejection letter of all time. TMZ broke the story.

TMZ, Farrah Abraham, Charlie Sheen Letter, Charlie Sheen


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Just yesterday, Abraham actually called into TMZ to talk about her “crush” on Sheen.

Farrah told TMZ:

No, I’m not interested in him sexually.

Maybe that’s why Charlie was so furious. Looks like no ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ for Charlie.

Here’s the video of her calling in below…

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