Chris Brown Curses Out Woman Whose Car He Damaged in Alleged Hit And Run

Chris Brown


Above is the photo Chris Brown made his Twitter profile picture after all the rumors of his hit and run flooded the media. In the photo, you can see Chris with two other women; one of them taking a photo of alleged damage made to the car (presumably by Chris’ reckless driving). Strange… there looks to be more dust than damage on the alleged victim’s vehicle, at least from where we’re standing. But, apparently physical damage isn’t the only damage Chris was rumored to have caused that day…

Meanwhile, below is a screenshot photo Chris posted on Twitter of his hit and run victim’s “damaged” car!

Chris Brown


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According to, Chris cursed off and verbally abused the woman involved in his alleged hit and run that day. A written statement reported by the victim named Olga Gure-Kovalenko, claims this exchange happened between the two:


The guy Chris tried to grab camera or me. I jumped back, the girl Karrueche screamed, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her!’


You are a bitch! Who do you think you are, bitch? Do you think if you driving Mercedes so got money, bitch? Do you think I am just a black n***er.

Olga then claims Chris:

…slammed a door and drove away fast and noisy.

Looks like Paula Deen isn’t the only one dropping “N” bombs nowadays.

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But, it wasn’t long before Chris, in all his angst over the situation, took to Twitter to vent how he really felt.

He sent a series of tweets trying desperately to convince his fans that he is innocent… including a bible verse. The bible verse he tweeted resembles the old saying “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” Chris is trying to tell us that all his haters (and rumor-creators) only empower him.

We’re totally on board with Chris, except… if he keeps driving the media up the wall with his recent stunts (no pun intended), then he’ll be left to live and grow behind bars!

Yellow journalism? There’s nothing yellow here except for maybe the dusty lining of that woman’s car!

He may have a point… just about anyone is willing to do anything these days for a couple bucks. Just ask Kim Kardashian.

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Except… usually cursing off your neighbors (biblically speaking, of course) counts as a little more than a mistake!

We’ll see what the judge has to say!

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