Chris Brown’s Abuse Accuser Fakes It: Deanna Gines Limps on Wrong Knee

Chris Brown

(Getty images)

Apparently, things got a little confusing for Deanna Gines after she was allegedly shoved to the ground by Chris Brown at the Heat Ultra Lounge. According to, the attention-seeking drunk girl reported that Chris injured her right leg… meanwhile, she was spotted being escorted out of the lounge limping on her left. Obviously, Deanna must have forgotten which leg was hurting her. Duh…

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Some people will do and say anything these days for the sake of media attention…

Deanna’s “injured” right leg did didn’t do it for her this time. I mean… left leg.

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Luckily, there’s really nothing convincing about Deanna’s claims. This may have just been another case of a drunk, media-seeking drama-mama likely in need of a sobering cup of joe and a cab home. It seems Chris got off the hook… this time!

Watch the captured footage of Deanna’s embarrasing mistake below! From
Or, click here for the full story.

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