Chris Brown’s Grafitti Protected Under 1st Amendent: Ignores Neighbors’ Protests

Chris Brown

(Getty images)

Just when we thought he was cornered and out of rhymes, rapper Chris Brown pulled a fast one when he quoted the Constitution! And, it was to protect the graffiti he drew on his L.A. home. Neighbors filed numerous complaints about Chris’ artwork all the way back in May, but he reportedly told them to “Get a life.” Recently, when the city tried sending him a bill for an “unpermitted mural” on his property, Brown lashed right back— and using the first amendment as his defense! According to legal documents reported by reports, Chris told the city of L.A. that his graffiti:

Enhances the architectural and aesthetic features of the residential property. The murals are a reflection of my aesthetic taste and a reflection of free speech and expression protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

But Chris, what about the neighbor kids?

We get that graffiti may be Chris’ way of expressing himself. After all, he is an artist! But, one of the reasons neighbors complained about his “artwork” was because it was scaring the children… Does this mean Chris has no regard for the surrounding neighborhood youth? Maybe Chris needs to “turn up” the love, not the music!

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