Latest Chris Brown ‘Victim’ Deanna Gines: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chris Brown, Chris Brown Assault, Deanna Gines

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Assault allegations have hit Chris Brown once again. Club-goer Deanna Gines is claiming the star deliberately shoved her to her knees, causing injury. Let’s hope it’s a better outcome than his mess with Rihanna. It’s rumored on sites including Gossipcop that Brown has also come out of the woodwork in order to address the situation and confront those behind the story. He says the story is fake and that he didn’t do anything to his latest “alleged” victim, Deanna Gines, but Brown doesn’t have the best track record.

We dug up some facts about Gines to help you decide who’s telling the truth.

1. Deanna Gines is Exploring Her Talent

Deanna Gines, Chris Brown Assault


It seems Ms. Gines has an account with Explore Talent. This is a site for aspiring actors and models who are looking for gigs and to get discovered. Could this be motivation behind trying to get some media attention or do you think this is just a coincidence?

Her profile states that she’s a San Diego girl with an athletic build. Oh, and if you want to buy her shoes, remember that she wears a size 8.

2. Even With Brown’s Past, Many Still Don’t Believe Gines

Many feel that Gines is just taking the opportunity for a little taste of stardom. But, we mustn’t forget his previous attack on Rihanna.

3. Gines Describes Herself as a New Face to the Industry

Also in her Explore Talent Profile is somewhat of a mission statement by Deanna Gines in her “About Me” section. Would you like to read it?

New face to the industry, fast learner, very confident,and I am looking forward to breaking into the career of modeling and acting.

Now, this may look a little suspect, but we know that Chris Brown has a violent past. Even if Gines was originally hanging out with Brown for a little spotlight time, maybe she ended up with more than she could handle.

4. She Still Has a Myspace

Deanna Gines, Chris Brown Assault


While many of us have taken large leaps into the every-growing social media world, Gines still has a Myspace profile, which is set to private. It’s okay. Many of us still have them because we’ve been so consumed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social media portal. Nonetheless, Gines’ profile tagline is “All I Can Be is Me Qu33n D”. Do you think Chris Brown was just trying to shove her into the 21st century?

5. Chris Brown’s Twitter Fans Are Trying to Track Her Down

Uh oh. It looks like Brown fans are definitely “die-hard” devotees of the singer. Let’s hope Gines doesn’t have another assault coming in the near future.

If Gines doesn’t have a Twitter now, I’d suggest she wait a while before she starts one. We wonder what Rihanna would have to say about this …

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