Edward Furlong Back In Jail: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Edward Furlong

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Last month, Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong was arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order set by his ex-girlfriend Monica Keena. Supposedly, he had a few physical altercations with her in the past. Now he’s back in jail again! Check out our 5 Fast Facts on what landed Eddie back in the big house.

1. The Judge Has a Change of Heart

Last month, Furlong was released on a $50,000 bail. TMZ reported that when Furlong went back to court yesterday, the judge thought that $50,000 was too little. The bail was raised to $100,000 and Furlong was taken back to jail.

2. Ex-Girlfriend Monica Keena Isn’t the Only Victim

Edward Furlong, Monica Keena

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Edward Furlong is no stranger to restraining orders. His ex-wife Rachel Kneeland had previously filed a restraining order on the actor as well.

Wikipedia states that Bella gave a report in 2010 on Furlong in order to receive the restraining order:

She claimed he threatened to commit suicide,[23] repeatedly refused to undergo any drug tests,[24] and that he told her he hit their son’s testicles.

She also told the court that he would drive past her house a lot and threatened to hire people to beat her up. Yikes!

3. Furlong Needs to Learn to Manage His Anger

Maybe he should take his own advice from his role in American History X and he wouldn’t continue to wind up in these legal messes.

4. The Terminator 2 Star is Still in Custody

Currently, Furlong still remains in custody as no bail has been paid. A couple years ago, Furlong went to court for not paying child support. He told the judge he was broke, but ended up being sentenced to pay $15,000 in back child support. Based on his financial status, it is unlikely Furlong will be able to bail out himself.

5. Furlong’s Next Hearing Date is Set

It is unknown the exact date, but we know it will be later this month. Stay tuned!

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